the band


As a band, our mission is to educate about the importance of environmental stewardship through music. With over four years together as a band, everyone from the guitar player to the drummer writes and sings with their own style. Ziggy aka Jackalope brings a funky reggae style while Franklin aka Erosion brings a hard rock style similar to the Red Hot Chiles.  Nate aka Nudibranch plays the drums with jazz and rock influences and sings with catchy tunes that are bound to get stuck in your head. Kiernan on the keyboard is as hyped a musician as it gets.  You’ll be impressed by how much of a workout he gets and still plays the keyboard! Cat’s uplifting harmonies and tambourine work will soothe your soul. Toby will knock your socks off with some tasty trombone tunes. Nick “Big Wave” Wagner will blow your mind on the bass and Daniel Eugene will make you want to break it down as the MC. Finally, Millie da Millapede will float you into dreamland with her flute. Together we make a band that marches to their own funky beat.  We say “live your life in a million different shoes” because “just like a redwood tree our roots are tied together.” Without perspective of what it is to live life as another human, creature, or fungus, how are we going to face the challenges of tomorrow? As a band we aim to remind everyone that Love is Alive.